Project Description

Sire: Devon Court Coronet 22

Dam: Mawarra Miss Titania 3


Miss Titania 5 has an amazing record from her first calf born in 1978 to the progeny of today that go back to this foundation female. Her four sons sold at auction topped at $7,500 at an average of $5,263. One son, Thologolong, was purchased at the Hereford National in 1985 by Bill & Judy Wells. Another son, Akubra, was retained as Sire. Miss Titania 5  had 15 daughters, including the outstanding Miss Titania 66. Granddaughters include Miss Titania 53.

Miss Titania 5 lived until she was twenty, at this remarkable age she was still sound with tremendous milk.  See the Miss Titania 5 Family Tree for further details.