Congratulations Jamie-Lee and Joe!

Well, this is a first. We have been asked on many occasions if we have either heifers or cows for sale and they become a gift, usually for a birthday, but this beautiful story is my favourite so far!

‘I wanted to say thankyou for my two beautiful new girls, they have settle in magnificently and I love them. I am not sure if anyone told you this when they were being picked out, but Mawarra Satin and her baby were actually destined to be my engagement ring! My partner Joe bought them secretly and hid them on the farm for a week before proposing with them in the paddock (I much prefer cows to jewellery so I was over the moon). It was just perfect and made even more special knowing your family (perhaps unknowingly haha) had a hand in making it happen. So thankyou for my gorgeous ring!’