mawarra herefords poll hereford females

A selection of the females we purchased from the Merawah Dispersal. Three of the six outfits were purchased in partnership with Tenaru Poll Herefords. These proven Merawah families will add to the genetics of our breeding herd and further deepen the pool we have to breed from in our endeavour to continue improving the seedstock we have to offer our clients.

With over fifteen years of selective breeding behind us, we are very proud of the Poll Hereford genetics we have to offer. Our foundation Poll Herefords were sourced from our own herd; reliable, proven females were joined to leading Poll Hereford AI sires. We have added maternal genetics from a number of quality herds including Debarry, Heatherdale, Antara and Merawah since we began and with our herd at self replacement stage we are confident we can offer a range of sire options to our clients that will fulfill their market requirements. We are confident that our Poll Hereford Sires offer the quality, performance, maternal strength and consistancy of breeding that our Horned Herefords have become renowned for.

A special addition to our Poll breeding herd has come from respected cattleman Dick Green’s Greensborough Stud Dispersal. Peter was fortunate to work with Dick for some time and has kept a close association with the Green family. We are delighted to have Greensborough bloodlines at Mawarra.