Strong competition for Mawarra genetics continued at Wodonga – January 16, with the McCormack family, Bullioh, offering the top pen of whiteface weaner steers and Arthur Trethowan, Woomargama offering the top pen of Hereford heifers at 236c/kg.


Frank and Jeanette McCormack, Bullioh, topped the whiteface weaner pens with 10-12-month old steers, weighing 383kg, and selling for $955 or 249c/kg.

Vepeter_arthur_trethowan_wodonga_jan16_2015ndor, Arthur Trethowan, Woomargama, NSW, pictured here with Peter Sykes, Mawarra Herefords, was pleased to sell a run of 77 heifers, weighing 268-300kg, Mawarra blood, to a top of $710 or 236c/kg. “I sold 52 Hereford steers, averaging 690kg, on Tuesday at Wodonga for an average price of $1525,’’ Mr Trethowan said. “The market has been good for about three weeks – I was hoping the heifers would make 200c/kg today. “I’m 88 and I’ve never seen the market like this before.’’ Arthur also recorded the top c/kg price of 236c/kg for his 50, 300kg, Hereford heifers. Arthur has been purchasing bulls exclusively from Mawarra for the past fifteen years.

Report detail and photo courtesy of Kim Woods, Outcross Media