Lance Leachman – Big Gully Herefords Maidstone, Saskatchewan CANADA2021-01-04T01:23:52+00:00

Lance Leachman – Big Gully Herefords Maidstone, Saskatchewan Canada

“Our impression of the Mawarra Hereford Stud matched our thoughts regarding their bulls exhibited at Wodonga 2015; extremely high quality, commercially relevant and managed with pride, integrity, talent and passion. The hard work, knowledge, and care that the Sykes family commits to their breeding operation is evident in their cattle, farm and client interactions.


We couldn’t be more pleased and proud to be associated with a premier provider of Australian seedstock in Mawarra!”

“We have always thought that quality people and cattle go hand in hand, which is certainly the case for Mawarra Herefords. The Sykes family are humble, hard-working, talented and passionate about raising premier Hereford seedstock. Their efforts in breeding high- quality, commercially relevant and profitable cattle on a meticulously managed operation are commendable. Rest assured that their clients’ success is paramount at Mawarra.”

“We are proud and fortunate to know and consider the Sykes family as friends. Their enthusiasm for the Hereford breed is exceptional, as evidenced by their roles in leadership, organizational and ambassador roles. More impressively their cattle are consistently regarded as among the highest quality in the country. Their ability to create sound, functional cattle that perform well for a variety of economically relevant traits is truly impressive.”

Lance Leachman
Big Gully Herefords Maidstone, Saskatchewan Canada