Nov 2016 – Special Female Sale – Results


96% clearance, $16,000 top price (Lot 25) and $4,890 average.

Our ‘Ladies’ have found new homes across four States. To the purchasers, underbidders, visitors, agents and our team of family and friends that came together to make the day such a success, thank you. To top off the day our Facebook page reached 2800 Likes! We sincerely appreciate your support of our program.


Lot 1 – Minerva 862 (H)

Sire: Talbalba Valiant (H)
Dam: Minerva 473 (H)


Lot 6 – Tabitha 005 (P)

Sire: Yambro Conrad B88 (P) 
Dam: Debarry Tabitha Y177 (P)
Retaining the right to one flush (at vendor’s expense)

Lot 7 – Grenadine 002 (P)

Sire: Debarry Elliott (P)
Dam: Charnock Grenadine D453 (P)
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Lot 9 – Miss Titania 439 (AI) (H)

Sire: GH Adams Twister 416T (IMP CAN) (H)
Dam: Miss Titania 382 (H)
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Lot 14 Minerva 052 (P)

Sire: Mawarra Iddy Bitty (AI) (P)
Dam: Minerva 013 (AI) (ET) (P)

Lot 16 – Doreen 350 (H)

Sire: Vice Admiral (H)
Dam: Doreen 146 (H)

Lot 19 Dame Marlin 002 (AI)

Sire: McCoy 25M Renaissance 53W (IMP CAN) (P)
Dam: Burando Q31 Dame Marlin 41 (P)

Lot 24 – Minerva 843 (AI) (ET) (H)

Sire: Cootharaba Magnum (H)
Dam: Minerva 554 ET1 (AI) (ET) (H)
Retaining the right to one flush (at vendor’s expense)   Click on photo to view video

Lot 26 – Debarry Tabitha A149 (P)

Sire: Yalgoo Interrogator X093 (P)
Dam: Debarry Tabitha T81 (P)

Lot 29 – Minerva 020 (P)

Sire: Merawah Maddux A63 (AI) (P)
Dam: Minerva 703 ET1 (AI) (ET) (H)

Lot 38 – Miss Titania 032 (H#)

Sire: Debarry Elliott (P)
Dam: Miss Titania 342 (AI) (H)

Lot 46 – Cherry Ripe 320 (H)

Sire: Cootharaba Magnum (H)
Dam: Cherry Ripe 299 (AI) (H)

Lot 47 – Miss Titania 438 (H)

Sire: Cootharaba Magnum (H)
Dam: Miss Titania 366 (AI) (H)

Lot 48 – Miss Titania 035 (P)

Sire: Kidman Mercedes D39 (P)
Dam: Miss Titania 010 (AI) (H#)

Lot 62 – Minerva 099 (P)

Sire: Allendale Anzac E114 (P)
Dam: Minerva 040 (P)
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Lot 66 – Minerva 976 (H)

Sire: Mawarra Air Marshall (H)
Dam: Minerva 778 (AI) (ET) (H)

Lot 69 – Tabitha 019 (P)

Sire: Harvie High Roller ET 66X (IMP CAN) (AI) (ET) (P)
Dam: Debarry Tabitha A149 (P)

Lot 72 – Miss Titania 524 (H)

Sire: Cootharaba Magnum (H)
Dam: Miss Titania 442 (H)

Lot 80 – Cannawigra F81 Lass K118 (P)

Sire: Cascade Fahey F81 (P)
Dam: Cannawigra X8 Lass A1120 (P)

Lot 91 – Cherry Ripe 021 (P)

Sire: Mawarra Las Vegas (AI) (P)
Dam: Cherry Ripe 011(P)