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Keith Davies, ‘Boyare’, Gelantipy, VIC

“The strong maternal lines in the Mawarra breeding herd, combined with the diverse sire battery, has enabled us to consistantly find replacement sires to increase the quality and productivity of our own breeeding program.”           

Keith and Sue Davies 2008 

We run 130 breeders on our 1200 acre property at Gelantipy in the High Country of far East Gippsland. The foundation herd was sourced over thirty years ago from the renowned mountain herds of Creamy Pendergast, the Soutter family, Keith Rogers and Gelantipy Station. We have always used Mawarra sires. The extreme seasonal conditions faced by our cattle in this mountain environment put strong demands on the animals doing ability and soundness, we find the Mawarra cattle to excel in these areas. They also display longevity, we have females consistently producing beyond ten years of age. In 2005 we topped the Gelantipy Calf Sale with steers, both steers and heifers in 2007 and steers again in 2008 and 2009. Our pens have been sourced by repeat buyers for a number of years. We were the inaugural winners of the Gippsland Hereford Female Challenge in 2003 and have been runners up each year until 2007 when we again took out the overall prize. At a Field Day held by the Gippsland Hereford Group we welcomed forty people to inspect our herd. Visitors and buyers alike are impressed with the consistent line and extra length that our cattle display.

Keith topped the Gelantipy Calf Sale in March 2008. His top pen of weaner steers averaged 358kgs at $605/hd. His second pen topped the sale at $610/hd and his top pen of heifers recorded the second top price at $400/hd.