“Mawarra bulls are everything we are looking for, they make magnificent ‘front paddock’ cattle!.”2021-01-04T02:58:54+00:00

“Mawarra bulls are everything we are looking for, they make magnificent ‘front paddock’ cattle!.”

We run a cow calf, steer backgrounding & fattening operation on 1300ha in the Northern Midlands of Tasmania. We run a Hereford & an Angus herd, but we prefer Herefords. We aim for big frame, high yielding cows, to give us quick maturing MSA quality offspring.

Our first encounter with Mawarra Herefords was at Wodonga Hereford National in 2009. We buy our bulls on visual appearance No.1, their EBV’s usually back up our judgement. We were looking for new bloodlines for our herd, walked into the Wodonga Show ring for the first time ever, just as Mawarra Unequalled was in the ring & thought “WOW! He’s stunning!” We looked at all the other bulls, we didn’t have any knowledge on any of the studs, but he stood out in our eyes. We just had to bring him home! His first calves were on the ground July 2010. They are well muscled, dark coated calves, with good pigment, their temperament is so placid – like him. Looking forward to finishing them off for MSA & there are some very stylish heifers for possible keepers as well (pictured below)

We were so pleased with Unequalled we decided to go back to the stud in 2010 where we saw both bulls & females for sale. What an impressive line-up! Another bull, Mawarra Victorious took our eye, so we went back to Wodonga again last year & purchased him, looking forward to July this year when his first calves are born. We have now met the whole Sykes family & they are truly dedicated Hereford people, the quality of their cattle is a credit to them. They breed the type of cattle we love. Both bulls have great body confirmation, rich coat color, good temperament & sound footing.

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