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The Foster Family, ‘Haven Park’,Casterton, VIC

“We have been using Mawarra Sires for the last six years. We feel that the female progeny have excellent temperament and milk. We have consistantly sold steers calves at 340kgs.”

Graeme, Shirley, Rick & Nancy Foster 2007

Haven Park results at the Annual Casterton Weaner Sale

~ 2005 Top selling pen of Hereford steers
~ 2006 Top selling pen of Hereford steers
~ 2007 Top selling pen of Hereford steers & Best Presented Pen of Hereford steers.
~ 2008 Heaviest & Best Presented Pen of Hereford Heifers. Heaviest pen of Hereford steers.

~ 2009 Steers & Heifers: Heaviest pens & Hereford Top Prices

The Foster Family have been very pleased with the Mawarra Millennium daughters. Their sons by Mawarra Pinocchio made up a significant proportion of the heaviest calves in 2008 & 2009.

2008 Steer calves average weight 387kgs @  $715/hd or $1.85

2008 Heifer calves average weight 341kgs @ $535/hd or $1.57

2009 Steer calves average weight 372 kgs @ $730/hd or $1.96

2009 Heifer calves average weight 334kgs @ $581/hd or $1.74

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