Angus Sires

2020 Sale Spectacular – Monday 23 March

We are proud to present our first Angus bulls for your competition. All were purchased as calves-at-foot on the foundation females of our Angus herd, except Lot 82 who was the first Angus sire to reside at Mawarra.

The females we have purchased, and the calves-at-foot, were chosen using the same strict selection criteria we apply to our Hereford herd; structural soundness, docility, performance, cacase, weight-for-age, maternal strength and do-ability. A number of the sires represented in this draft of young bulls are future sires at Mawarra.

We thank you for your interest in our new venture.

LOT 83

Sire: Spring Cove Paygrade 5064 USA18251392

LOT 84

Sire: Te Mania Emperor E343 VTME343

LOT 86

Sire: Te Mania Emperor E343 VTME343

LOT 88

Sire: H P C A Proceed USA16956101

LOT 89

Sire: Bruns Thunderbolt 963 USA17680550

LOT 91

Sire: LD Capitalist 316 USA17666102

Lot 82 – Prime Juggernaught P27 CXBP27

Sire – Prime Juggernaut J15