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We invite you to join us as we build on our strong foundation and welcome the new decade with optimism.

Posted by Mawarra Genetics on Monday, January 20, 2020

We are excited to launch our new venture, Mawarra Genetics (ANGUS)

To be run in conjunction with our current operation, Mawarra Genetics (HEREFORD)
Side-by-side, together as one.

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Mawarra Genetics was represented by Brandon, Logan and Taylah at the recent Herefords Australia Young Guns Conference and Breed Forum held in Hamilton, Victoria. They were grateful to Herefords Australia for the invitation to attend and for organising such an informative and engaging ….

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Some of the first Mawarra Mustang calves are starting to hit the ground! Check out this MUSTANG calf born in the Netherlands! Sired by Cogent Signature Beef

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We encourage you to take a look at our new Client Focus page and view the videos showcasing our clients. Understanding the breeding programs and target markets of our clients is crucial to the on-going development of our own breeding herd and the genetics we offer….

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Passion, Performance
and Profit.

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Mawarra is our home, our livelihood and our passion.


We strive to present Whiteface bulls and females that offer a range of genetic options and performance traits, enabling our clients to purchase from the same ‘farm gate’ while continuing to improve and diversify their own breeding programs. Our own breeding herd has been developed over more than half a century.

We are encouraged by the passion and enthusiasm that our children have for Mawarra and Hereford cattle. Together we are committed to consistently breeding modern, efficient, profitable Whiteface (Hereford and Poll Hereford) cattle to meet the needs of our clients and the greater beef industry….

Our clients’ success is our greatest reward’