Witherswood Wilcoola M0012

Our two ‘top picks’ at the Witherswood Dispersal Sale were Wilcoola M0012 and her maternal sister, who sold for $22,000. M0012’s full brother was Brandon’s pick of the 2017 Witherswood Spring Sale Bulls. Their dam has averaged $11,000 for her sons. Braveheart of Stern has bred consistently well in both Australia and New Zealand. Wilcoola M0012 has been selected as a donor. Click for Pedigree  

Witherswood Kerry F24

The Kerry family, originating from the Booramooka Queied line, was arguably the strongest maternal line at Witherswood. We believe the calf we purchased ‘at-foot’, by Millah Murrah Loch Up, was one of the best calves on offer at the dispersal. Kerry F24 has been selected as a donor. click for Pedigree  

Anvil Dream J10

Extensive research into the pedigrees and especially the maternal families of note in the modern Angus breed, we were keen to purchase a female from the renowned Vermont Dream Y301 line. We are very pleased to have secured Anvil Dream J10, a Dream Y301 granddaughter. J10 has an excellent EBV set which includes exceptional calving ease, growth, IMF and positive fats. Unsurprisingly we have selected Dream J10 as a donor dam.

Anvil May G294

Pedigree May G294’s dam, May 6294, is a full sister to two of the most successful cows in the US of recent time. They are directly related to the USD$800,000 world record price bull. May G294’s sire, WK Replay, has bred very well at Anvil. We regarded her calf-at-foot as one of the top calves offered at the Anvil dispersal. G294 has been selected as a donor dam.

Anvil Kaharau H325

Pedigree H325 was in the Anvil donor pen. She is a phenotypically appealing female with a lot of capacity, she is in the top 1`% of the breed for Calving Ease. Berkley B1 is the sire of two of the most prolifically used sires in Australia: Emperor and Genesis.

Anvil Lowan F325

Pedigree Lowan F325 is one of the most productive cows from the Anvil Donor pen. This is no surprise when you consider her elite pedigree. Her dam is one of the most successful females in the breed with one daughter selling for $52,0000 at the Anvil Dispersal Sale. F325 is a result of the most successful flush in Anvil history. Her numerous flush brothers were sold as stud sires to $21,000, Anvil also retained a sire.

Anvil Vicki G514

Vicki G514 is appealing to the eye with her excellent carcase shape and udder quality. The Vicki maternal line has bred well for Anvil and the lovely heifer calf we purchased, at-foot, is sure to contribute significantly to our herd over coming years.

Anvil Lowan F440

Pedigree A maternal sister to F325 (above) and the top selling $52,000 cow at the Anvil Dispersal, Lowan F440 is a deep bodied female with a lovely nature. We are pleased to have two daughters from the renowned Lowan Y147 in our foundation herd.

Witherswood Kerry J0080

Pedigree Kerry J0080 was the first Angus female purchased by Mawarra. She is a long, attractive, good-milking cow from the strong Kerry line. She is a maternal sister to Kerry F69 (below) and sired by Regent.

Yancowinna J81

Pedigree J81 was selected from the Yancowinna Donor pen. An easy-doing, low birth female, she was purchased with an outstanding Genesis bull calf at-foot. J81 is from the Landfall Fireplay maternal line.

Witherswood Kerry F69

Pedigree Kerry F69 is a maternal sister to J0080 (above) from the successful Kerry/Queied maternal line. We purchased her with an outstanding Millah Murrah Loch Up heifer calf-at-foot. F69 is an attractive, deep-bodied cow with a perfect udder.  

Yanco Elsa N168

Yancowinna Elsa N168 was our pick of the ‘N’ drop heifers at the Yancowinna Dispersal Sale, our next pick was her full sister. N168 is also the maternal sister of our top selection of the ‘M’ drop cows, see Elsa M166 above. N168 is a beautiful natured heifer with depth, softness and carcase. Her pedigree goes back to the very successful Landfall Elsa line. This young female has enormous potential and we look forward to watching her development and contribution to our breeding herd.

Yancowinna Elsa M166

An outstanding Kingdom daughter, out of one of Yancowinna’s most successful donors from the Landfall Elsa family, Elsa M166 is a big bodied cow with an excellent udder and very promising Black Pearl heifer calf-at-foot. Yancowinna offered two maternal sisters to M166 in their ‘N’ drop heifers, we rated them at the top-of-the-drop and were pleased to be the successful purchasers of Elsa N168.