‘Our Clients’ success is our greatest reward’

Michael Brown

Michael Brown, Sale: Michael purchased his first Mawarra bull in 2015 after moving away from vealer production to growing out Black baldies, an enterprise more suited to his property. Michael made the decision to purchase a Whiteface bull to put over his Angus and Black Baldy cows, with his plan being to sell the Baldy… Read full testimonial “Michael Brown”

Michael Brown

Bendoc Park, Eddie, Gail & Lucy Sellers

  ‘We first purchased females from Mawarra in 2005. Since then, seven more have been selected, and throughout that selection process we chose from a number of different maternal and sire lines in order to expand the diversity of our herd’s gene pool. The infusion of these Mawarra genetics has increased growth without sacrificing fertility… Read full testimonial “Bendoc Park, Eddie, Gail & Lucy Sellers”

Bendoc Park, Eddie, Gail & Lucy Sellers

Mike & Tom Walsh Granite Flat Pastoral Company

We have used Mawarra Sires for a long period of time because of their quiet temperament, structural soundness and true to type Hereford markings. We are very happy with their offspring                             Mike & Tom Walsh

Mike & Tom Walsh
Granite Flat Pastoral Company

Trent Anderson – St Katharines Darriman, Victoria

  What has remained with me from my first discussions with Peter, some ten years ago now, was his willingness to help someone with a small number of cows. He came and spent several hours at the farm looking at the cows, discussing the path forward. At that time there were 50 odd cows, this… Read full testimonial “Trent Anderson – St Katharines Darriman, Victoria”

Trent Anderson
St Katharines Darriman, Victoria

Jason Graham – Graham Herefords, New Zealand

  We have focused on improving our female base and endeavouring to produce Hereford cattle that capture our vision of this wonderful breed
– docile temperament, conformation, carcase quality, growth and eye appeal. It was with great excitement I visited Mawarra for the first time at their bull sale in 2010, and realised that… Read full testimonial “Jason Graham – Graham Herefords, New Zealand”

Jason Graham
Graham Herefords, New Zealand

Lance Leachman – Big Gully Herefords Maidstone, Saskatchewan CANADA

“Our impression of the Mawarra Hereford Stud matched our thoughts regarding their bulls exhibited at Wodonga 2015; extremely high quality, commercially relevant and managed with pride, integrity, talent and passion. The hard work, knowledge, and care that the Sykes family commits to their breeding operation is evident in their cattle, farm and client interactions. We couldn’t… Read full testimonial “Lance Leachman – Big Gully Herefords Maidstone, Saskatchewan CANADA”

Lance Leachman
Big Gully Herefords Maidstone, Saskatchewan Canada

Graeme Ward, Albury, New South Wales

  “My cattle purchasing endeavours are mostly connected to domestic feedlot supply with some clients backgrounding for the Japanese and other export markets. Australian domestic demand requires British bred heifer and steers. I look for best available quality with emphasis on genetics, weaning and accreditation programs. Temperament plays a big part in selection. Poll and dehorned cattle are most suitable because of the… Read full testimonial “Graeme Ward, Albury, New South Wales”

Graeme Ward
Albury, New South Wales

Simon & Rowena Turner – Bindi, Victoria

The Turner family run a self-replacing, Spring calving, Hereford breeding herd at Bindi, in the Victorian high country. “We aim our production at both prime and store markets. Our cows are taken to our high country lease in December until April/May. They climb 2500 feet in 6kms. We sell our store calves at the annual Mountain Calf Sales, Ensay. Since we have… Read full testimonial “Simon & Rowena Turner – Bindi, Victoria”

Simon & Rowena Turner
Bindi, Victoria

Arthur Trethowan, ‘Culbara’, Woomargama, NSW

“I wouldn’t keep buying them if I didn’t like them!”            Arthur Trethowan, 2006 As a repeat volume buyer Arthur has purchased 47 bulls from Mawarra since 2000 ranging in price from $2000 to $18,000. I always look at the people before I buy a bull. The Sykes family provide a good, honest service. The cheaper… Read full testimonial “Arthur Trethowan, ‘Culbara’, Woomargama, NSW”

Arthur Trethowan
'Culbara', Woomargama, NSW

The Foster Family, ‘Haven Park’,Casterton, VIC

“We have been using Mawarra Sires for the last six years. We feel that the female progeny have excellent temperament and milk. We have consistantly sold steers calves at 340kgs.” Graeme, Shirley, Rick & Nancy Foster 2007   Haven Park results at the Annual Casterton Weaner Sale ~ 2005 Top selling pen of Hereford steersRead full testimonial “The Foster Family, ‘Haven Park’,Casterton, VIC”

Graeme, Shirley, Rick & Nancy Foster
'Haven Park',Casterton, VIC

Keith Davies, ‘Boyare’, Gelantipy, VIC

“The strong maternal lines in the Mawarra breeding herd, combined with the diverse sire battery, has enabled us to consistantly find replacement sires to increase the quality and productivity of our own breeeding program.”            Keith and Sue Davies 2008  We run 130 breeders on our 1200 acre property at Gelantipy in the High Country of… Read full testimonial “Keith Davies, ‘Boyare’, Gelantipy, VIC”

Keith Davies
'Boyare', Gelantipy, VIC

Turner Partnership, Bindi, VIC

“Congratulations to the Sykes family on consistantly producing a quality bull breeding program that maintains important traditional values and at the same time embraces new and proven practises in the industry. We wish them every success with their future breeding ventures.”       Simon and Rowena Turner 2009  We run a self replacing, Spring calving, Hereford breeding… Read full testimonial “Turner Partnership, Bindi, VIC”

Simon and Rowena Turner
Turner Partnership, Bindi, VIC

The Sandy Family, Swifts Creek VIC

“The genetic superiority of the Mawarra bloodline has assisted us to maintain the quality of cattle for which we strive.” Peter, Robyn and Jim Sandy,  January 2009 Our family has known and dealt with the Sykes family for many years. The Mawarra Stud is a reflection of the Sykes’ honesty, integrity and dedication to the… Read full testimonial “The Sandy Family, Swifts Creek VIC”

Peter, Robyn and Jim Sandy
Swifts Creek VIC

Foxforth Hereford Stud, Guyra NSW

“Having visited Mawarra in early 2009, we had the pleasure of inspecting the cow herd and were very impressed with the size, quality and doing ability of the cattle. We were then fortunate enough to purchase an exceptional bull called Mawarra Unrivalled at Wodonga who weighed 1188kg at 27 months. We now eagerly await his… Read full testimonial “Foxforth Hereford Stud, Guyra NSW”

Fred Starr
Foxforth Hereford Stud Guyra NSW

Glen Moutray, Codrington VIC

Glen has been buying bulls from Mawarra since 2002.

Glen Moutray, Codrington VIC

Greg O’Brien, Maringo Herefords, Merrijig VIC

“Having purchased my first Mawarra bull in 1998, I have always had at least one Mawarra bull being used in the herd. My second last purchase (Top of the Drop) is breeding exceptionally well, with calves showing great length, quality & temperament whether they are bulls, steers or heifers. I am looking forward to the… Read full testimonial “Greg O’Brien, Maringo Herefords, Merrijig VIC”

Greg O'Brien
Maringo Herefords, Merrijig VIC

“Mawarra bulls are everything we are looking for, they make magnificent ‘front paddock’ cattle!.”

We run a cow calf, steer backgrounding & fattening operation on 1300ha in the Northern Midlands of Tasmania. We run a Hereford & an Angus herd, but we prefer Herefords. We aim for big frame, high yielding cows, to give us quick maturing MSA quality offspring. Our first encounter with Mawarra Herefords was at Wodonga… Read full testimonial ““Mawarra bulls are everything we are looking for, they make magnificent ‘front paddock’ cattle!.””

Gary & Barb Lindsay

Jason & Jody Graham, Graham Herefords, New Zealand

Jody and I have a Hereford Stud in the upper part of the North Island of New Zealand. We have only been breeding Hereford cattle for 7-8 years. We have focused over the last few years on improving our female base and endeavouring to produce a Hereford which captures our vision of this wonderful breed of… Read full testimonial “Jason & Jody Graham, Graham Herefords, New Zealand”

Jason & Jody Graham
Graham Herefords