Project Description




Mawarra Daybreak is one of the most complete sires we have bred; outcross genetics, sound structure, balance, softness, weight-for-age, carcase and IMF combine with elite maternal genetics.

Note his impressive +4.4 for Rump, top 1% Rib & IMF, 5% EMA and 15% 400, 600 & GN. We have recorded the birth weight of 50 Daybreak calves, and they have averaged 40kgs.

Doreen 225 has sold eight sons to $20,000, recording an average of $12,375, and her daughters have sold to $5,000. Two ET daughters were in the winning ‘Pen of Three’ at the 2016 World Hereford Conference, Uruguay. We have four daughters currently in herd, three being full sisters to Daybreak.

Purchased by the Spencer family, Ironbark Herefords, for $20,000 at the 2016 Herefords Australia National (Wodonga) Adrian said, “Daybreak is a great breeding bull, right for the times. He has constitution, he’s a great doing bull. Every calf by Daybreak is good. We have an exceptional line of cows by the Holden bulls and he crosses into them extremely well. His is top for IMF.”

We have over 30 Daybreak daughters retained at Mawarra and we are confident his sons, industry-driven, performance-orientated young sires, will add profitability to your program. We highly recommend your inspection of the sixteen sons we have catalogued in our 2019 Sale, another 3 sons will be offered in our 2019 Herefords Australia National (Wodonga) team.