“My cattle purchasing endeavours are mostly connected to domestic feedlot supply with some clients backgrounding for the Japanese and other export markets. Australian domestic demand requires British bred heifer and steers. I look for best available quality with emphasis on genetics, weaning and accreditation programs.

Temperament plays a big part in selection. Poll and dehorned cattle are most suitable because of the bruising factor. I find cold country cattle, for backgrounding, perform to the greatest satisfaction. In most cases this is the same for direct feedlot entry as well.

Genetic information is a huge part of my decision making whilst purchasing cattle. The first time Mr. Arthur Trethowan purchased Mawarra bulls I thought ‘There must be something good going on!’, from that time I have bought Mawarra bloodlines whenever possible, with excellent results.”

As an example: 108 Hereford steers, two-years-old, sold by auction January 2016. They weighed 620-680 kgs, excellent temperament, and very even, outstanding suitability for export.

Graeme Ward, Albury, New South Wales