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Simon & Rowena Turner – Bindi, Victoria

The Turner family run a self-replacing, Spring calving, Hereford breeding herd at Bindi, in the Victorian high country.

“We aim our production at both prime and store markets. Our cows are taken to our high country lease in December until April/May. They climb 2500 feet in 6kms. We sell our store calves at the annual Mountain Calf Sales, Ensay. Since we have been purchasing Mawarra bulls (eighteen years), we have seen a significant improvement in the maternal traits of our cow herd which gives us a good selection of future breeders.

With the improvements to feed utilisation, maternal and carcase traits that Mawarra genetics provide we are able to achieve entry weights for our steers in a shorter time frame, increasing the efficiency of our operation. We have found Mawarra cattle to be reliable both in constitution and carcase performance, which has been highlighted by the success at the 2014 Royal Melbourne Show Carcase Competition.”

Jim Hiscock is a Director at AJF Brien and sons, Coonamble, a rural marketing company that operates through the beef supply chain and enjoys a strong alliance with the Coonamble Feedlot.

“On behalf of our clients we source cattle from a wide compass of country. We can be confident that the cattle we purchase from the Mountain Calf Sales will perform in our conditions. We purchase calves ranging from 300-350 kgs. They grow out at around 2kg/day working towards a weight range of 400-500 kgs. At this point they enter the feedlot and are grain fed for 100 days-end weight target of 700kgs. The Turner family produce quality cattle with good confirmation, bone and length. The Mawarra bloodlines give bone and frame suitable to carry the end weight; they are even, quality cattle.”

Simon & Rowena Turner – Bindi, Victoria