Trent Anderson – St Katharines Darriman, Victoria2021-01-04T01:40:02+00:00

Trent Anderson – St Katharines Darriman, Victoria

What has remained with me from my first discussions with Peter, some ten years ago now, was his willingness to help someone with a small number of cows. He came and spent several hours at the farm looking at the cows, discussing the path forward. At that time there were 50 odd cows, this year we will calve close to our goal of 400.


I feel no need to talk of the quality of the cattle at Mawarra; that is well known and spoken about by people with far more skills in
the industry then me. Instead, I’ve chosen to commend the people behind Mawarra. From our first purchases we have felt more friends than clients, and the friendship continues to grow. As time has gone by, Peter, Brandon and Logan know exactly what we are after. I have complete trust in them to direct me to the appropriate Bulls.

To finish I would like to congratulate the Sykes family in all they have achieved so far.

Trent Anderson,

St Katharines Darriman, Victoria